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Vinyl Collectors Album: Music and The Spoken Word

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“Red Blooded American” Autographed Vinyl Album

Collector’s Edition Album - Freedom Music

Vinyl is the purest vision of performance recording you can get! It is raw with a sound that creates authenticity. Nothing can replace the warm sound of a vinyl record. The subtle cracks and pops you hear on vinyl reminds you that it was made with love and care by a person rather than a computer. From the intricacies of the music down to the artwork on the vinyl jacket, the artistry involved in making a vinyl record is unsurpassed.

Vinyl Record

With only 100 ever produced, the Collector’s Edition “Red Blooded American Album” is specifically made for the music lover and vinyl collector. It comes with a copy of the U.S. Constitution and is hand signed by Rafa Selase with a message to the person of your choice. If you're a vinyl collector, you don't want to miss this rare opportunity. It's the perfect gift for jazz, soul, folk, hip hop and music connoisseurs!

Red Blooded American Album

Is music about freedom, a spiritual, political and philosophical exploration of American pop culture and history. This is music about life, a long poem about the American experience. These songs about freedom discuss politics, economics, religion, capitalism, race and multiculturalism. 

"Selase has become notorious for his collection of protest songs composed to show the world what is never seen on the mainstream news." -A&R Factory


"Selase stands out as a rare combination of authentic songwriting depth and world-class musicianship, showcasing a really rare blend of control over the entire vision that drives his tracks." - Jazz Corner Magazine


"Rafa performs his spoken word poetry in a show that many are calling brilliant." - Justice Through Music


"Free from stylistic boundaries, Selase is a true artist." - No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music


“A singular artistic exploration of racial and social issues via jazz, afro-funk, social media, folk music and spoken word.” – Yousef Baig, Sacramento Bee