Daily Prayer Pillow with Instrumental CD (Maroon)

Daily Prayer Pillow with Instrumental CD (Maroon)

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Most Relaxing Music with Meditation Pillow

Have a seat and relax. Along with the soothing sounds of the Meditation Music CD by Rafa Selase comes your personal sitting pillow. The instrumental relaxation CD includes a guided prayer/meditation manual within the CD cover for those prayers of the faithful. 

When the back/spinal cord is in its proper natural alignment, the head, neck, back and shoulders naturally create an upright posture that is easy to maintain during prayer & meditation. Pray and meditate longer with the comfort of a prayer pillow! 

The outside world consumes every ounce of mental, physical and spiritual effort. We must become more savvy in how we navigate our commitments, not to mention the nonsense flying around us on a daily basis. Adding a prayer and meditation practice to your life is very wise! The prayer and meditation pillow with calming CD is a mental exercise that allows you to slow down not only your mind, body and spirit, but also your life. Nothing is more important than your spiritual health. We are spirits in a physical body, not the other way around! 

The Prayer Pillow with relaxation music CD is the perfect gift for someone you love, and for yourself. Give yourself the gift of quiet time!

“Read my letter to the old folks, and give my love to them, and tell my brothers to be always watching unto prayer, and when the good old ship of Zion comes along, to be ready to step aboard.” Harriet Tubman