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Mindfulness for Kids: Calming Music for Children

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Relaxing Music for Children with Guided Meditation

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***Comes With Relaxation Guide for Children


Comes with calming music CD and meditation guide

Meditation Music for Kids CD with an instruction booklet that walks teachers and parents through a simple mindfulness practice for children. 

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving focus
  • Achieving goals
  • Honoring their parents
  • Academic improvement
Music has the power to soften emotions, alleviate pain. The essence of this musical power has been documented by scientists and researchers. Music has the ability to change stress responses in the classroom and during school activities. Teachers and students can enjoy the sounds in Mindful children's cd and mindfulness program. 

How to Use Music in the Classroom

In the early grades, students are still learning what the concept of a minute is and what one feels like. A song can improve transitions between subjects because music can be the cue part of a song can set the mindset or tone. 

In several studies relaxing music has was shown to improve academic performance for college students and overall wellness.

Here are just a few examples of how you can incorporate music into your classroom subjects.

History is a subject that benefits greatly from having music as a lens to teach about cultural traditions and historical events. 

Mathematics can be very challenging for young students to comprehend because the concepts are abstract, Musical notes can support teach fractions, changing instruments but playing the same song can help teach patterns, and using pitch can help with frequency and ratios.

Science can benefit from songs that teach about the skeletal system or music can be the content for teaching about sound waves.

English Literacy improves when a student are able to pick up on n the structure of language and is able to differentiate between changes in words and sound I use this specific piano music to tell stories about triumph, overcoming obstacles, forgiveness and living powerfully. 

Our hope is you enjoy the piano instrumental songs and the mindful program. Watch the video below to see the impact this small addition to the classroom can make.

Example of our calming music used in classrooms

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