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Poetry Book: Poems about Life

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Life Poems

Looking Back at the Cage

This collection of poetry about life, society and world we live in dates back to 2013, when I left the “Corporate Ship” and set sail in uncharted waters, discovering the treasure of artistry that had been buried within.

Since that time, his poetry has evolved from journaling, written to spoken word, to music.

"Selase has become notorious for his collection of protest songs composed to show the world what is never seen on the mainstream news." - A&R Factory 

"Selase stands out as a rare combination of authentic songwriting depth and world-class musicianship, showcasing a really rare blend of control over the entire vision that drives his tracks."
Jazz Corner Magazine

"Rafa performs his spoken word poetry in a show that many are calling brilliant." - Justice Through Music "Free from stylistic boundaries, Selase is a true artist." - No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music

“A singular artistic exploration of racial and social issues via jazz, afro-funk, social media, folk music and spoken word.”
– Yousef Baig, Sacramento Bee



A poetry book for your collection! Get inspired by his style, fearlessness, clarity and unique approach. 

This book of poems includes what life is about, if anything? Poems that discuss possibilities of life and the things we value. For some it may pose questions, for others it my validate thoughts and emotions that arise from living in this dispensation.  I say this because poetry in itself usually does this. But given the current state of America and the world this poetry book is relevant to our specific experience in America.