rafa selase in home live performance
rafa selase at piano
rainha joy dancing

Rafa Selase Live: In Performance

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Private and Home Concert

This a special intimate 
gathering and a beautiful Live concert. As the time comes to gather with friends and family around a warm hearth, consider this: home holds the heart, but it may also hold your next concert.

With many families stressed, with the overwhelming responsibilities of the holidays. Now is the perfect time to enjoy music, good food, and the grape. Small private and home concerts are becoming my favorite thing to do as I have experienced the benefits of such a closely connected experience.  

We bring our act to you with live music, piano, and interaction. We provide a special treat to our guests as we provide poem book souvenirs that coincide with the music.  Opening one’s home to soulful, thoughtful, relaxing music can be one of the most powerful gifts you can give your family or small group of friends.

Conversation and music concerts are a tradition as old as the music itself, harking back to porch jug bands and after-dinner fiddle sessions. But what was once a viable in-between-cities venue for touring musicians has become critical to their sustainability.

Every event is guaranteed to receive Grammy Recording Academy Member Rafa Selase and singer Rainha Joy

This is the perfect event for 15 - 75 guests. 

  • Spice up your corporate holiday party
  • Political event
  • Quarterly executive meeting
  • Great for family gatherings
  • Upscale dinner parties 
  • and more

(Travel costs are not included unless you reside within 100 miles of Northern California Bay Area