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Jazz Piano, Spoken Word, Hip Hop Poet, Spiritual Music History Lesson

Can't put music in a box, Rafa Selase Music includes but is not limited to the below mentioned genres.  

Alternative Hip Hop

Hip Hop that does not conform to conventional forms of Hip Hop but rather using foundational elements like rap in addition to conventional forms of music

Jazz Fusion

The combining of jazz harmony, live instruments and improvisation with rock, funk, blues and R & B music.

Protest Songs

Songs that focus on equality, justice, freedom and liberty. Songs that are against subjugation, oppression and inequality.

Acid Jazz

Originating in UK with elements of foundational jazz with funk, rock, soul, and hip-hop. Incorporating the timing and sound of more popular danceable music


Originating in America using a rhythmic, danceable form of music that mixed jazz, soul music, blues, rock and rhythm and blues

Relaxation Music

 Music that is defined by the impact and feeling it produces rather than the instruments or genre

Jazz Rap

Lyrics based in social, economic and political awareness and style leaning towards poetry while combining the instrumental flavor of jazz

Jazz Hip Hop

Jazz Hip Hop provides the distinction between language and culture. "Rap" is the language of hip hop; for example lyricists like KRS-One, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole rap to communicate. And Hip Hop is a culture! So Jazz Hip Hop is the combining of the jazz and hip hop cultures. 

Worship Music

The origins of worship and praise music is simply giving honor and praise to God. Prayer music and/or worship songs are about commitment, gratitude, adoration, and giving honor to God. These songs were founded in negro spirituals which were birth out slavery and times of struggle and tremendous opposition. To give thanks for brining us through those times. 

Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word poems is a form of  performing art that is based in language and words. Spoken word  is an oral art based in literary foundations that focuses on  education, eloquence, word play amd language gymnastics. 

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