Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is Rafa Selase?

Rafa Selase is a pianist, artist, spoken word poet and musician. His roots start in the Northern California Bay Area city of Vallejo, Ca. 

His initial release, Meditation Music By Rafa Selase, reached #8 on the Billboard New Age Relaxation charts. He then followed that with a series of singles, and the "Red Blooded American" Album, which released in late 2017.

What genre of music does Rafa Selase make? Selase has put together a beautiful and thoughtful collection of work that crosses many genres and artistic borders. He is a multi genre artist that ranges from jazz fusion, relaxation music, acid jazz, praise and worship music, spoken word, jazz rap, and even negro spirituals.

Does Rafa Selase compose and write his music?

Yes, all of Rafa Selase piano and poetry are original copyrighted material.  

What has been the industry response to Rafa Selase's music?

Selase has receive positive reviews from several well known industry music magazines and others from across the globe. Here are few below. 

"Reflecting the musical adventurousness and eclectic artistic brew of his Bay Area roots, Selase has a stunning body of work that encompasses everything from spoken word to acid jazz to New Age." - The Journal of Roots Music - No depression

"It also echoes the pioneering spoken-word music of Gil Scott-Heron in its real and vivid poetry. As one can interpret from the title, Selase reflects on the social and political environment of living in America now. If Public Enemy was the CNN of inner cities, Selase is its literary observer." - All About Jazz

"Selase persistently soaks you in the truth of the moment – it’s provocative, thoughtful, and eye-opening, all at once." - Stereo Stickman

"There is a crazy power that emanates from this music. However, the atmosphere is serene, it advances without arms, hatred, or violence." - ANOTHERWHISKY FOR MISTERBUKOWSKI

What type of poetry does Rafa Selase write? 

Rafa Selase writes poetry about life. His poetry is deep, thoughtful and often socially and politically relevant. Additionally it is often spiritual in tone. He writes poetry about work, short poems, poetry about struggle, inspirational poems, poems about hope, poetry about God, black poetry, poems about social media, poetry about love and poetry about experiencing life. 

Does Rafa Selase combine music and poetry?

Yes, many of Selase's songs originated from his poetry.

Starting in January of 2020 Selase is releasing a series of poetry books each month that going along with the theme of his most recent songs. 

Does Selase have poetry books for purchase on RafaSelase.com? 

Yes, Rafa Selase has several poem books for sale, including:

Poetry Book Series

  • Fruit
  • Reparations
  • Untold Stories
  • Rock
  • Time to Wake Up
  • Wait

Other Poem Books

  • How to Write a Poem
  • Poems About Life
  • My Journey of Faith To the African Slave Coast: Reconciling a Past Not So Long Ago

Where can I listen to Rafa Selase Music?

You can listen to Rafa Slease music on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Music and more.

Does Rafa Selase play live?

Yes, he plays live...here is the link. 

Does Rafa Selase have books or information on how to write poetry?

Yes, he has authored a book title "How To Write a Poem"