Poems About Life

Why is Poetry Special?

Why is Poetry Special?

What is special about Poetry? What makes a thing special is that it is hoisted up on a pedestal; it means that something is held above the ordinar...
How Poetry Can Help Us?

How Poetry Can Help Us?

How can Poetry Help Us? For many of us, poetry has been sort of a distant and complex concept. As being part of a poet’s or an artist’s audience, ...
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Poetry Books

Discover some of the best poetry books to read. Here are some of the best poetry books about life, poetry books on love, best books on writing poetry, and deep poetry books. Selase's books have emerged on Amazon's Best Seller and Hot New Releases lists often.

Quite possibly you are inspired by the work of James Baldwin, Edgar Allen Poe, or William Shakespeare and ”Sonnet XVIII”, Maya Angelou "Still I Rise", Emily Dickinson's, "Hope’ is the thing with feathers”, Nikki Giovanni "Beautiful Black Men", or Langston Hughes “I Too Sing America." 

The collection of poetry books by Rafa Selase reminds us that the new generation of poets is ready and willing to challenge society in the way that all great poets have done in the past. 

chapbook poetry

Chapbook: Unique Gift Ideas for the Intellects You Love

By all accounts, chapbooks hail from the streets of London, were sold by chapmen--you know, the old "chaps" who sold books--and they most often contained short stories, ballads, children's stories, and, of course, poetry. These short stories included poem books about life, struggle, living on the streets of London and finding a way to survive. 

Because they are inexpensive to produce, they have retained their usefulness to up and coming artists, but they've become popular of late with even larger publishing houses, some of whom host chapbook contests as a means to discover new talent.

how to be a poetry writer - Rafa selase online website image of book with pages open and tree of life in the center with birds flying above.

How to be a Poetry Writer

Learning how to be a great poetry writer is not as hard as you may think. If you ever have journaled or documented your life, it is highly likely you have already created your first poem. Your life is your poem, learning how to chronicle your life through poetry is a task worthy of attention and of high value. 

Learning to be a poet starts with finding your writing voice. Finding your authentic self-identity will help you communicate your experiences, observations, thoughts, and inspiration in a poem.

To write well you must write what you know. You must place importance on expression and self-reflection. Learn how! 

poem about children, picture of 3 black boys smiling bright

Poem about Children

Writing poems about children is an enjoyable endeavor. It is an opportunity to remove the baggage that comes with adult life and complexities. I tend to find myself or discover the innocence that has been ripped from me by the experiences, obstacles, and decisions made through life. 

My name is Rafa Selase I am a poet, pianist, artist, athlete and jazz activist. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of the Northern California Bay Area, my music, art, and songwriting aspires to speak to people across the globe on all levels of the musical, poetic and artistic spectrum. A proud native of Vallejo, California, he has been quietly building a career as a multi-talented artist.

My hope and expectation are that you find inspiration, and renewal by reading my work. Lastly, I hope to challenge you in some way because by doing this you will inspire me and we can all learn by continuous artistic expression. 

Image about life as a women walking directly into the sunset. She is on a path and water is on both sides of the path. Behind her reads the words challenges, success, struggle, love and joy. And ahead of her says HOPE as she walks towards the sunset.

The Best Life Poems

Here is a list of life poems that I have collected. Great poetry is often one persons inspiration and another's unpleasant moment in time.  Great poetry is recognizable but often the best poetry elicits such a strong response because well they seem to write from a place of conviction, and knowledge that is rare in today's world.

On occasion, such nuanced poetry can even inspire a thoughtful and respectful silence. Everyone is talking but few have the depth of Selase's work. I personally loved the work of James Baldwin, Tupac Shakur, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Ryszard Kapuściński, and Eldridge Cleaver. If you enjoy or appreciate any of the above poets' work you are sure to find great gratification in some of my work.

Here is a collection of work that I published in 2016. 

poems about working includes a picture of slave ship

Poems about Working - The Corporate Ship in 2020

Poetry about working does not seem like a subject anyone would want to venture into. But such a theme is precisely the type of poetry that connects with the audience and people alike. Working in 2020 is like nothing we have ever imagined because working for the corporate ship is one task that requires a nuanced understanding of people, life, and differing agendas. You add working in the office with your side hustle, the pressure to make it happen such that you do not find your self in a detestable predicament.

I wrote a collection of poems about work that inspired me to write a full album titled Red-blooded American this work and performance has continued to motivate me to stay on this path of artistic freedom and entrepreneurship So as you take the journey of reading poetry about working remember we will all work in this life. Still, we have a choice of who we will work for and at what price to our minds, body, soul, and pocketbook.
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Poems About Music

Music and poetry are more than drums, sound, and entertainment. It was at the forefront of all societies. Tribes were known to use the drum as a form of communication. 

Music influences all of us on more than a mental, cultural or emotional level. Music is a language and I would say it is a spiritual language. Music speaks to your spirit!

Music is Life 
And art is music 
One piece of melody 
You connect with your personal harmony
Donny was a vocal miracle 
Singing soprano 
Nina is music example 
The counter culture American

the art of seduction with woman dancing very seductively similar to a gentlemen club

Seduction Poem for 2020

This is a poem about the seduction and the seducing activities that all of us experience on a daily basis. Often we think of seduction as male and female interaction, engagement, or some form of attention. But seduction is much more than that. It is often in everything that we see and experience on a daily basis. 

The seduction poem is more than sex. It is much more than a sex poem! The art of seduction is in the everyday circumstances that we find ourselves in. 

This is a poem about "The Art of Seduction" and the challenges and unseen actions that entities use to entice you. 

The Art of Seduction has been used for ages. Seduction, not to be confused with sex, is the one-sided exchange of desire. Seducer seeks your desire. Seduction is a lopsided equation! 

inspirational poems about life

Inspirational Poems about Life

Poems that keep inspiring me, are poems that I enjoy; it’s our job as poets to inspire you, motivate you, challenge you, encourage you, and start a deep burning passion within readers and listeners to do better, be the change, inspire the difference and be better.

As a poet, I ask myself the question, "Is my work something I can stand on in 10, 20, 30 years?" Does my work have a timeless meaning?

Inspirational poems should encapsulate the definition of Inspiration. Read this collection of poetry and be mentally stimulated to do something, precisely actions that are creative. Inspirational poems might induce a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement.

Rafa Selase indigenous poems artwork of native American dances in the sunset as an eagle flies above

Indigenous Poems

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poems about motivation and life

Motivational Poems - One Step from Greatness

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Political Poem - Poems About Kings

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black poetry, urban poetry, image of beautiful black women reading rafa selase poetry

Black Poetry

URBAN POETRY and BLACK POETRY Cognito See this blackness you cannot hide My skin is something a cannot deny even if I wanted too You talk about th...
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Poems about Struggle

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Poems about Social Media

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Rafa Selase poems about africa image with dark skinned chiseled black man and a overlay lion image on the chest

Poems About Africa: Zulu

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Poems About Feelings - Emotions in 2020

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poems about women

Poems about Women

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motivational poems

Motivational Poem

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Poems about Life Short

Poems about Life Short

Short Poems About Life  Poems About the Life We Live    Poems about life are typically some of the best poems to write; often allowing us a method ...
How to write spoken. Old style poetry mic with multi colored lights in the background there is a spoken word open mic audience.

How To Write Spoken Word

Write Your Best Spoken Word Poetry in 5 Easy Steps  "Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream...
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