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400 Year Anniversary

400 Year Anniversary

H.R. 1242 - Why We Celebrate and Why We Are 400 Years Stronger: 400 years of slavery, 400 year anniversary, 400-year celebration. I celebrate because I now carry the baton of those that came before me. Those that overcame, fought, struggled, persevered. I am inspired as we all should be, let us do everything with excellence, choose to get up from every failure and run this race of life to win. 

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IMPORTANCE OF SELF EXPRESSION 1 - Truth: Expression is truth.  More importantly it is your unique truth, your perspective, insight and manifesta...
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Relaxing Piano Music: Can it Heal?

Relaxation Music: Relaxing Piano Music For Calming Relaxation, Massage  and Healing Can relaxation music heal you? The better question is; will yo...
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Music and The Brain

Music and Excellent Remedy For The Brain Relaxation And Healing Does meditation music posses the power to heal? Can you be healed by music? Can mu...
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24 Benefits of Meditation - Music and Prayer

Importance of Music And Meditation Meditation Music is focused on bringing mental health, physical fitness and general wellness using our powerful ...
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Freedom Songs

10 Great Freedom Songs For Your Playlist    Freedom - Pharrell Williams: “Freedom” is an incredible song. Pharrell pairs his trademark...
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54 Best Protest Songs of All Time

  Definition - Protest songs, political music, or anti songs are typically related to an economic, political, social, racial or religious change...
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Music and Politics: Why is Music Important

Power and Music Politics Music and politics have always been a part of world culture. Art and music have represented not creative freedom, but al...
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Acid Jazz History

Acid Jazz: the Disciplined Child of Jazz Jazz was a direct derivative of spiritual music. Jazz represented the freedom not only in the physica...
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Calming Music for Kids

Importance of Relaxing Music for Kids & Parents Calming Music a must for Children and their Parents Concentration is a difficult task for ma...
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Songs About Freedom

Jazz Fusion Album Inspired By History of Spiritual Music What is freedom? free·dom  ˈfrēdəm/Submit noun the power or right to act, speak, or think...
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Spiritual Music: Negro Spiritual History

Negro Spirituals The Music of Faith Many are now embracing a spiritual music and a belief system that has brought them through difficult times. In...