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Why Poems are Powerful?

Why Poems are Powerful?

Why are Poems so Powerful? Life is an everyday display of different experiences and emotions. Life expresses itself through nature—in the sun risi...
How is Music Related to Poetry?

How is Music Related to Poetry?

How Music is Related to Poetry As humans it is fundamental to speak as it is to feel, to move as it is to think, to eat as it is to need. A child ...
jazz rap

Jazz Rap Song

Jazz Rap Song   Understanding Jazz Rap  Jazz rap is a fusion of hip hop and jazz that developed as early as the 1960s with people like Gil Scott...
A man on his knees praying and worship and praise.

Praise and Worship Music - Prayer Music

Prayer and Praise Music Playlist   Praise and Worship Music Origins Prayer music sounds that can inspire you, calm you and provide hope. Praise M...
beautiful colorful picture of music impact on the brain

Music and The Brain

Music and Excellent Remedy For The Brain Relaxation And Healing Does meditation music posses the power to heal? Can you be healed by music? Can mu...
a tree with fruit that represents fruits of the spirit

Fruits of the Spirit Song

Fruits of the Holy Spirit  Listen to "Fruit" a song about the fruits of the holy spirit. As you listen keep reading.    The 9 Fruits of the Holy ...
dave brubeck image with louis armstrong, dave is looking over louis armstrongs shoulder as louis plays the trumpet

Dave Brubeck, Jazz Music and Time Out

Understand the impact Dave Brubeck had on human rights using the jazz piano and different timing. The 9 8-time signature broken down in 2+2+2+3 created the sound used on Time Out that changed his career.
Image with pennies and a calculator. Calculate your music streaming royalties for popular music streaming platforms like spotify, deezer, apple music, pandora and more.

Music Streaming Royalty Calculator

Calculate how much music royalties you will earn from the most popular music streaming services. Understand exactly what streaming music services pay for each stream. If you are an artist, composer, writer, producer or musician understand streaming royalties and how to make money streaming your music is essential to your music career.

Forecast your music royalties, understand Spotify royalties, music streaming service payout with my streaming royalties calculator. My royalty calculator includes a Spotify revenue calculator in addition to music royalty calculator for music streaming services such as Deezer, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon and more. 

bible verses about patience

40 Bible Verses about Patience

 Scriptures about Patience Below are 40 Bible verses about waiting on the Lord. Finding patience can be extremely difficult during times of trouble...
how to write a poem with color text"how to write poetry" on white background, subtitled 21 traits of great poetry and how to write a good poem

How To Write a Poem

How To Write A Good Poem Here are the keys to finding your voice, original source, and self-expression: The key to writing good poetry is expressi...
jazz fusion artists and history

Jazz Fusion Artists History

Jazz Fusion Artist Jazz Fusion Origins & Jazz Fusion Connoisseurs Several musical evolutions happened during the late 1960s to create the g...
jazz fusion image with the words jazz fusion and and red triangle in the center

Jazz Fusion

Jazz Fusion Jazz was a direct descendent of spirituals music. Spiritual songs are songs that were original creations of African Americans. Negro ...
poem song image of pulizter prize winner kendrick lamar and E40

Music and The Spoken Word

Music, Poem Song & Spoken Word What's the difference? Poems don’t have any music behind them and song lyrics do, that doesn’t really explain a...
Rafa Selase music and politics image of a handshake with one hand having the american flag and the other hand all black as the colors from each hand flow into the other

Music and Politics: Why is Music Important

Power and Music Politics Music and politics have always been a part of world culture. Art and music have represented not creative freedom, but al...
jazz piano - beautiful white old refurbished piano

Jazz Piano

Jazz Piano Playlist    Jazz piano is the original American genre. Jazz piano’s significance in music, culture, politics, and jazz dates back to ...
400 Year Anniversary

400 Year Anniversary

H.R. 1242 - Why We Celebrate and Why We Are 400 Years Stronger: 400 years of slavery, 400 year anniversary, 400-year celebration. I celebrate because I now carry the baton of those that came before me. Those that overcame, fought, struggled, persevered. I am inspired as we all should be, let us do everything with excellence, choose to get up from every failure and run this race of life to win. 

black poet - image words the words poet in the center of caption box

Black Poet?

Black Poet Poetry is a topic that often is easy to overlook. However, it is a powerful communication, teaching and artistic tool in our society...
self expression image - pottery image with words "everyone has something to offer"

Self Expression

IMPORTANCE OF SELF EXPRESSION 1 - Truth: Expression is the truth.  More importantly, it is your unique truth, your perspective, insight, and manif...
beautiful black women with headphones looking out window

Relaxing Piano Music: Can it Heal?

Relaxation Music: Relaxing Piano Music For Calming Relaxation, Massage  and Healing Can relaxation music heal you? The better question is; will yo...
benefits of meditation - image of man with headphones on sitting in meditation position

Music Meditation Healing

Importance of Music And Meditation 24 Benefits of Meditation Meditation Music is focused on bringing mental health, physical fitness and general we...
freedom songs, songs about freedom, list of 10 songs

Freedom Songs

  Freedom - Pharrell Williams: “Freedom” is an incredible song. Pharrell pairs his trademark energy and good vibe with and inspiring message. ...
An image of top 50 protest songs artists & musicians

54 Best Protest Songs of All Time

  Definition - Protest songs, political music, or anti songs are typically related to an economic, political, social, racial or religious change...
 Rafa Selase acid jazz music image that uses all the colors in the spectrum with black background and acid jazz in writing

Acid Jazz History

Acid Jazz: the Disciplined Child of Jazz Jazz was a direct derivative of spiritual music. Jazz represented the freedom not only in the physica...
Rafa Selase relaxing music for kids image of a little boy with guitar and girl no more than 4 years old sitting on the grass with their backs against a tree

Relaxation Music for Kids

Importance of Relaxation Music for Kids & Parents Playing Relaxation Music is a Mood Setter  Having a household that is peaceful, organized ...
spoken word poetry and songs and about frredom artwork with man at a piano playing without constraint

Spoken Word Poet

Spoken Word Poetry Album Spoken word poetry is freedom of lyrical, melodic, expressive poetry.   What is freedom? free·dom  ˈfrēdəm/Submit noun th...
negro spirituals spiritual music

Spiritual Music: Negro Spiritual History

Negro Spirituals The Music of Faith Many are now embracing a spiritual music and a belief system that has brought them through difficult times. In...
alternative hip hop artists big boi, tribe called quest, fugees, the roots

Alternative Hip Hop Artists & History

What is Alternative Hip Hop? What is Alternative Hip Hop?The term alternative hip hop can also be termed alternative rap. But it must be noted tha...
jazz fusion history jazz fusion musicians

Jazz Fusion History and Musicians

Jazz Fusion and 10 Fusion Pioneers According to Allmusic Guide, until 1967 jazz and rock were separated. In the United States, electric R&B  an...
hebrews to negroes book titled my journey of faith to the African slave coast. A great book about slavery, American culture and how all of us can bring harmony to America. A book about the responsibility of America and of the black American Hebrew

Hebrews To Negroes: Negro Hebrews

Negro Hebrew Israelites Hebrews to negroes is a question, a statement, and an exploration of a lost culture, re-arranged history, confusion of cust...