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Importance of Music And Meditation

24 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation Music is focused on bringing mental health, physical fitness and general wellness using our powerful internal infrastructure. An amazing way to bring sanity to your mind is through the practice of prayer and meditation.

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Research shows that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory. Peak brain activity occurred during a short period of silence between musical movements – when seemingly nothing was happening. Not all music has this effect, but only a specific type that has just the right amount of silence and vibration.

Meditation music, relaxing music, soothing sounds, sometimes referred to as “new age music”, offers the right solution for brain development, healing and relaxation.

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What is meditation? In simple terms meditation is the mental concentration on something.

meditate: 19 of those times the word "meditate" appear in the Psalms.  And other verses specifically talk about meditating on  God in some way. The references discuss meditating on his actions and testimony. 

When apostle Paul spoke to the people of Philippi located near the ruins of the ancient city in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace in Kavalla, Greece he said "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

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Music and Meditation: these may seem like an irony, considering how music seem to be opposing to meditation, but the truth is that the right kind of music will help set you in the mood to relax you mind, bringing internal calm during periods of anxiety. The suiting music for this should be void of anger, vulgar language, materialism and other aspects of life that are related to internal vices. Instrumental music is considered to be the best, although there are cases of exceptions. When you play the right kind of music, it sets your soul on the path towards healing

Here are 25 amazing benefits of music and Meditation

1. Anti Aging - Researches have shown that people who engage more in meditation have lesser tendency to age quickly. Meditation have great powers to reduce aging related with stress. By activating your pineal gland, meditation lowers the chances of brain deterioration that may be resultant from age.

2. Takes away depression and increases awareness - A number of researches have pointed to the fact spending up to 30 minutes or more on quite time and other prayer meditation exercises does well in taking away depression symptoms, as well as other issues. Other researchers opine that the act can take away depression, hopelessness and sadness. Developing the habit of prayer and Meditation will positively impact on how your brain processes conflicts. I'm a testimony of this. Prayer and Meditation have caused a lot of positive changes in me.

3. Less Stress - The habit of constant meditation and prayer will help you overcome the part of the brain that relays fear to the mind.

4. You will develop appetite to eat better

Meditation do not just make you eat more, it makes you learn to eat only the best. As you continue to meditate, you'll begin to develop a special kind of awareness of your body response to food. You will probably begin to feel quite sluggish to eat fried foods, will your eagerness to eat vegetables and fresh fruit diets will increase.

5.  Relieves tension and headaches - Prayer and Meditation can often be the best bet to cure headaches. Dedicating your time to meditation will help to block out nasty stress hormones from operating in your system.

6. Kindness - Prayer and Meditation can help improve your tendency to treat people kindly.

7. Recharge - Prayer and Meditation are excellent ways to regain energy, and once your energy is charged up, you become able to face your fears even more.

8. Boost Memory - Meditation will help you to clear out irrelevant things from you mind, hence giving your memory enough space to remember important things.

9. Improves Shape - Prayer and Meditation sets the tone to resting your mind and body as required to remove stress from you physiology. This will gear you up real well to get into the best work out session without wearing out.

10. Boost Immunity - everybody hates to fall sick. Sickness is an unpleasant situation. Prayer and Meditation helps you to breath properly, and researches have shown that proper breathing will reduce respiratory illness and hasten recovery times, causing you to fall ill less often.

11. Building better relationships - Meditation certainly helps you maintain relationships in a healthy manner. You'll be able to tackle very tricky situations with a relaxed mind, hence, reducing the tendency to fall into situations that will lead to fights of serious quarrels. Try meditating every time you want to tell your partner a  piece of your mind.

12. Healthy heart - With more time dedicated to meditation, stress level gets reduced and as such dragging cortisol, blood pressure down in the process. In essence, this will lower the possibility of strokes, heart attacks or other dangerous disease that are in their class.

13. Catch More Sleep - Yes! Meditation helps you catch better sleep. Ever participated in a yoga class? You'd probably noticed someone slept off. That's where meditation steps in. It will help keep your mind relaxed throughout the day, and set you in tone to have a relaxed night rest.

14. Improves creativity and innovation - Meditation gets the mind clear from irrelevant and unproductive thoughts, allowing the mind to function in its best state. Great ideas are often born during meditations, so maybe you should start dedicating yourself to meditation.

15. Improve Your 9-5 - It is simple logic go know that having more time to meditate keeps you energized to handle any daily task without any form of fear.

16. Keeps you away from drugs - Meditation has a capacity to increase your body awareness, making you more conscious about your health. Meditation helps set you up for right eating, exercising and good sleep.

17. Better Performance Academically - research have shown that Meditation helps you to maintain a better focus level, leading go better  scores in cognitive tests. A lot of students are even of the opinion that Meditation leads to better attention span.

18. Energy For Days - Meditation improves confidence level. It helps to curb anxiety, and exhaustion related to work.

19. Bedroom intimacy - Studies have shown that women are better prone to experiencing a boost in sex satisfaction and arousal when they engage more in meditation.

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