Music and The Brain

Music and Excellent Remedy For The Brain

Relaxation And Healing

Does meditation music posses the power to heal?

Can you be healed by music?

Can music be inspiration for brain activities?

Can it stabilize blood pressure?

If you’ve ever had to ask yourself any of these question, then you really need to read this..

Meditation Music

Music permeates virtually every language and have the power to speak to our hearts. Tracing back to my days as a child, my knowledge of music was limited to the types of music my parents often played. There popular collections from musicians like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Doobie Brothers, Mile Davies and a lot other did the magic of healing my soul and giving me inspiration and peace that have stayed with me since then.

You maybe in the same category as me. Category of people that had music define the reality of the infancy. Researches have even pointed to the fact that some babies are conscious of music even while in the womb, and some of them go as far as responding when the music player comes. The love for music permeates all ages, tradition or religion. Elderly people are not excluded from this. Even those elderly people that are probably suffering from conditions that are degenerative most often have life stuffed into them again, when they listen to the melodies from their favorite musicians.

Music and Your Brain

An article that was published by Stanford medical school in the year 2017 showed that cognitive functions increase by a large extent when the atmosphere is saturated with the right kind of music.

The report revealed the role that music places in some key brain activities. It showed that music quite easily interacts with the sections of the brain that’s in charge of key activities like prediction, focus, analyzing, and memorizing. The research showed further that the brain has a capacity to function at its best during the short moments of silence that happens when one music stop for another. Though you should importantly note that certain music may lack this effect, but the ones that have the correct blend of silence and vibration are the tight dose to trigger this great sense.

In a statement by the senior author of the paper, Vinod Menon, PhD, Associate professor of Psychiatry, Behavioural sciences and of Neurosciences, he opined that “in a concert setting for instance, different individuals will have their ears locked to one piece of music, with their attention probably wandering, but Their attention will be arrested at the moment the music transmits.”

A perfect blend of soothing sounds, meditation music and relaxing music, often called “new age music”, offers the excellent solution that is needed for brain repair, development relaxation.

Music, Blood Pressure and Hypertension

If you’ve had a relation that was beaten by hypertension, you’ll know that its not something to joke with – The fear of leaving in constant medication and all those. I recently got watching one of the old episodes of “The Flintstones” and my daughter asked me why they stopped airing the show. I gave it a good thought and concluded that it could have been that Fred died of a heart attack.

If you ever get hypertensive, then you should try subscribing to the magic that music does to the heart. Calming your nerves with cool soothing melodies for up to 30 minutes at a stretch, while taking deep breaths can significantly bring your blood pressure down, without necessarily taking drugs. Well, at least a study presented at the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition of American Society of Hypertension proved it.

A different study also suggested that music is an excellent addition to therapy for hypertensive patients.

Its time to take the necessary action required to stimulate your mind, remove tension, do away with stress and achieve perfect health

Meditation Music

Quiet time music has greater power then we can think of. It is more of an unfortunate coincidence that most of the songs jammed on popular airways gets us excited, but leaves us deep down still searching for inspiration. They create more aggressive impacts than making us passionate. It is something to really think about.

The fact remains that the correct meditation music and relaxing music can do a lot of positives to the healing process.

In summary, music is a combination of a lot of aspects, including tones, sounds, vibration, combination of sounds of vibration, and short periods of silence. The perfect blend of all these creates the different music genres that we listen to. The brain is naturally responsive to a number of music genres, but it is only a specific genre of music that can trigger activities in the brain.

Instrumental deep thought is the right blend of all the ingredients needed to produce an excellent music that will promote mental healing and bodily restoration.

Reflection music can help the body get rid of a lot of negative things like; stress, cortisol (A stress hormone that leads to increased aging speed and other issues like low testosterone). It takes a relaxed hear to listen to the perfect music, and you’ll be surprise at all the good it will do to health and energy.

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