Black Poetry



See this blackness you cannot hide

My skin is something a cannot deny even if I wanted too

You talk about them other rights

But see this blackness you cannot hide

If I was incognito

I would be like batman 

Drop kicking this multination corporate man

But you want to gentrify my rights

While also pacifying the delusional white knight

A congressional hearing for they rights

While holding a judicial hearing in a tough fight

Let me be in Cognito 

And see what I do

I'm realizing this system is a million times worse than what they tell you

But I can't focus on this me too

Choosing rather to be we too

Reprobate minds bringing destruction to you

Reprogramming brains of full grown women 

No longer able to protect the children

Becoming a false witness for the destroyer

Choosing old wicked customs 

Not knowing thats the very thing leading you to destruction

Hiding in plane site

Living without foresight 

Lacking wisdom in all things 

Lacking a true discernment 

Walking around with wicked temperament

Justifying all things labeled government

Right on wrong you wave the flag

In cognito you hide

Spreading the lies of confusion 

Again leading you to destrution

No redemption for your soul 

Hiding in plane sight 



By Rafa Selase

© 2010 Damon J. Smith All rights reserved.