How To Write Spoken Word

Write Your Best Poetry in 7 Easy Steps 

"Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream - they go together" ~ Nikki Giovanni

nikki giovanni and rafa selase black poetsLearn To Write Spoken Word

Quick and Easy Poetry Method 

 Steps to Writing Spoken Word ( Rule of 21)

1. Choose a topic you care about...Become a storyteller

2. Write a vertical row of numbers from 1 to 21 

3. In the first line write your title 

4. In the next 6 lines write down how you feel about the subject 

5. In lines 7 through 20 write down the problem followed by the answer

6. On the last line write the title of the poem

7. Read It Out Loud - Now go through and edit your lines 2 - 20 thinking about synonyms, rhyming and vocal clarity in mind.  To make your spoken word longer you can repeat this process. Read it out loud again and try to perform it! 

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Stay consistent...

I have learned the best way to develop your craft is to start now and stay consistent. Start right this moment! Don't wait and do not procrastinate! You must nurture your gift...

Nurture in simple terms is "to care for"

If you care for something you give it you must take time each day to develop and nurture your gift. No one else will do this for you! You must do it, you must care enough about yourself to give your self the time to develop those special gifts within you. Enjoy the process and get around people who enjoy what you do!