Inspirational Poems about Life

Inspirational Poems about Life

Inspiration poems about life are very popular poems. People naturally desire for things to get better. Inspiring others is always a two fold relationship! You are often the beneficiary of more positive feedback. 

The power of your mind

The mind harbors information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding, so it stores the information for later time.  Many TV ads have subliminal messages that are not caught by the conscious mind, but rather find their place within the subconscious, and eventually when the victim receives certain triggers (buying signals) they are motivated to shop without really knowing why. This is often how the news can influence us as well, planting negative seeds that will grow at a later date.

The mind is powerful enough to create whatever you imagine, and also powerful enough to limit you from doing anything. Writing and reading inspiration poems can be a great way to deal with reality while also providing a positive outlook.

Let’s meditate on the word inspiration…the definition of the word reads “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

So, inspirational poems should be more than making us feel good; it should in turn inspire, instigate and move us to take action of some sort. Sometimes this action is not a physical movement but rather a change in perspective! I’ve included a poem below “The Question” which eventually became a song. I also attached the music and dance video!



The Question

The Question Is
Why are we so disconnected 
In a world driven by energy
Electricity Stimulated energy
Human Electricity
In all this complexity
It’s the simplicity that serves humanity
Electricity human connectivity
Even the babies know this
Teaching all those who witness this
Human Touch The Question IsWar?
See you love war
Instigate the war
Only to watch others fight the war
We got to forgive Forgive him
Forgive here
Forgive them
Now forgive you
The Question By Rafa Selase