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A Poem about encouragement

Poem about greatness

You don’t understand what i am inside
You are the father of lies
I am light …
i am strength …
I am virtuous …
I am might …
I am the image of the most high

You taking but Im still gracious
Im gone make it
Im flying
Im styling
Are you still watching
I told you
You are the father of lies
I am light
I am beaming bright
Blinding your sight
Are you still watching
Strength I am power
You don’t understand what i am inside

Greatness is not defined by you
I'm not out to impress
I understand my emotions
Gaining control of my thoughts
Thinking about you is an afterthought
Emotional management system
Using perception as deception
Intelligence without spiritual discernment is dangerous
I relate to Lauryn Hill she my sisiter
Even though I never met her
Cut from similar cloth we lions
Submitted to Yah the tribe of Judah
Kicking knowledge on the level Mr. West 
Even though I never went to Cornell 
No secret alliances 
Most High is my cover
You waiting on deception of Aliens
False prophets to deceive yah
Not to be confused with Most High Yah
I'm not even knowing how I spit like this
Used to be athlete always "focised"
Change times bread new men
Stand up now no time to be waistin
You bending over for wicked men
Tell em 
You don't understand what's inside me

This a poems about encouragement and poems about greatness

Poems About Feelings: You Don’t understand what’s inside


My Uniqueness is My Talent

You ignoring me
You're boring me

In my defense
I'm still swinging
for the fence

You say hmmm...
I say you betta recognize game!

My uniqueness is my talent.

You say it was a gift

I say it was appreciated by my ability to nuture and develop it

So never forget it's my uniqueness that's my talent

By Rafa Selase

© 2010 Damon J. Smith All rights reserved.