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Music Poem

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Music is Life 
And art is music 
One piece of melody 
You connect with your personal harmony
Donny was a vocal miracle 
Singing soprano 
Nina is music example 
The counter culture American
Sonny kicked drums
Hugh breathed Stimela
The gentlemen Fela made no agreement
Inspiring Pac 2 be americas most wanted
Miles walked off the stage
Then Lauryn said I get out
Micheal sang we are the world
Lee responded God bless America
Music is Life
Art is music influencing all
This spiritual language
that speaks to you soul
Music is critical to our lives. We tune in to it when waking up from a long night of rest, while driving in our cars, working out at the gym and relaxing at home. Music is life. It often reminds of our old memories, important events; music can be your best friend if you allow it to be. Music was a motivator, companion thought gave me a better understanding of the world I lived in.

Music is more than drums, sound, and entertainment. It was at the forefront of all societies. African tribes were known to use the drum as a form of communication. National anthems represented loyalty, faithfulness, and patriotism towards your country. Hospitals use relaxing music as a form of healing and rehabilitation. Sociologists have been unable to find a culture throughout human history that did not have some form of music.

Music influences all of us on more than a mental, cultural or emotional level. Music is a language and I would say it is a spiritual language. Music speaks to your spirit!





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