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Facebook Problems Today

The Revolution Will Be on Facebook

A Poem about Social Media

The Revolution will be on Facebook

As Gil Scott Heron Said
The Revolution will not be televised

The evolution is a revolution
The world is changing
We no longer praying

We idolizing
Selfie posterizing
Troll seeking sodomizing
Avatar making
Tumblr rolling
Instagram snapping
We self idolizing zombies

Facebook Problems Today
You playing
But google is playing you
NSA watching
FBI profilin
CIA strategizing
Civil Liberty snatching
But you still playing

Gil Scott Heron told you
The Revolution will not be televised

This Poem about Social Media

Beautiful Jill Scott said
Why you spend yo time hating

Why you playing
The Revolution will be on Facebook

Poems about Social Media: The Revolution will be on Facebook


Poems About Social Media & Jazz Rap

Poetry is the foundation of music. For me it is the purest written form of musical expression. It's no mystery we live in social media driven world. Social media is impacting every aspect of business and individuals lives. Facebook stands above the rest of social media players, as many are using the platform as the only means of communicating with those they know. Below is the song and music video inspired by the "The Revolution Will Be On Facebook" poem. 


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By Rafa Selase

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