Poems about Women

Poems About Women

Stop hating the Womb Man 

This poem is directed at those that use their media power to consistently behave in a Misogynistic manner. There has been a specific agenda by some YouTube sites to tear down women. While this poem is for everyone, it is specifically targeted at youtube channels that consistently create, instigate and perpetuate negative images of black women.

Stop hating the Womb Man ( Woman )

You gone back track
It’s no debating
You hate making
My steam is rising
I’m Instigating

You making a name
Story Telling
The Womb Man

You don’t want none
You sleeping while yo babies weeping
No excuse
You chose the girl

Now you claiming the crazy girl
Im not hatin
Just stating the fact

You low-level childish act
Change your topic
Go ahead and backtrack
Step to me
You  fuel me
I’m on the Moto track
Gate droppin
Wheelie popping
Back bending
Hand standing
On peacemaking

Stop hating the Womb Man ( woman )

Poems about women and women power

Poems About Women: Stop hating the Womb Man ( Woman )


By Rafa Selase

© 2010 Damon J. Smith All rights reserved.