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A Poem About Work

This Corporate Ship

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Poem: Lover, Hater or Zombie - This Corporate Ship

I'm in this corporate ship
Oh this act crazy ship
You swirling in this ship
Maybe that's why you grit your teeth and smiling in this ship
Can't understand this ship

Now I flipped the script
And I'm on top of the ship
You emailing
Your a corporate tic tac
One of many in the game
Getting fat on the
System you call Capitalism
But I call systematic nepotism
You winning, while standing
And others are running
But not moving

Now who's looking
They watching
They stopping
We just changed the game

I said who are you
Lover, hater or zombie

Who are you
You ignoring me
None supporting me
You spend yo dollar
Send yo dollar
Give yo dollar
To Nike
And even the new hippy yogi
But what about
Your dreams
Your life
Your vision
Your legacy
And don't forget about me
I mean me as community
Stop snoring on me, you see
Group economics is the way

I said who are you
Lover, hater or zombie

I see you
I am you
We are
Just say Ubuntu
We fight to together
We gon struggle together
You winning
I'm smiling
They losing

I said who are you
Lover, hater or zombie

Urban Poetry: This Corporate Ship



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