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There are a few fundamental rules for writing poetry. It is an art form that gives its authors latitude, freedom, grace to express in areas that are traditional and rebellious. Poems do not have to sound a certain way, nor do they have to follow any particular rules or structure.

Yet, poems do feature a few vital intangible characteristics. The punctuation and flow of the poem will determine how it is arranged on the page and how the author intends for you to read or hear it. We like to focus on the storytelling aspect. 

Best Poetry Books

Sound and tone! Great poets use different sounds and tones throughout spoken word or written poetry to change. Quite possibly you are inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe, or William Shakespeare and ”Sonnet XVIII”, Maya Angelou "Still I Rise", Emily Dickinson's, "Hope’ is the thing with feathers”, Robert Frost, "The Road Not Taken", Nikki Giovanni "Beautiful Black Men", Langston Hughes “I Too Sing America." or Gwendolyn Brooks many works. 

 All of these literary giants have inspired generations and left the world with a lot to meditate on. 

Here are poetry books to expand your artistry for your poetry collection. I have a how-to book about writing poetry and how to improve your spoken word and written poetry. We have a selection of books that can be listened too with my piano music. It provides a great combination of music and literary entertainment that audiences will love.

There is a beautiful relationship between music and poetry. But often are not mentioned in the same entertainment audience together, except for hip hop. Which has moved away from traditional spoken word poetry? The artistic genius and rappers and poets such as KRS-1, Tupac, Black Thought, Common, Kendrick Lamar, Q-Tip, Gil Scott-Heron, Guru, and many others have taken lyrical manipulation to astronomical heights.  However, the similarities between music and poetry are far more significant than observed by the general public and media.

So I am influenced by the music of my parents and contemporary poets from hip hop. Combining of jazz music and traditional written poetry. The collection of poetry books series can and should be played with the corresponding music available on all streaming services. Songs themselves have to be rhythmic. As well, poetry flows just the same. Rhythm is what makes music as well as poetry. The flowing of words, the smooth instruments melody, all a part of the greater meaning, of poetry.

There's even a form of poetry that is made into music called lyrical poems. They are just that, musical lyrics. Sometimes they are used in songs, sometimes left as just words with a specific rhythm. They are what they are; lyrics express the thoughts and feelings of the author. 

My hope and expectation are that you enjoy some of my authentically original inspired work of poem and poetry books listed below. Be well!


Poetry is one of those topics that produce an emotional and intellectual response. Audiences are very particular as my mother would say about poetry. Of course, I am biased but based on feedback from audiences I think you will find the poetry selection below both refreshing, engaging and revolutionary. If I were to give my opinion I would suggest Rafa Selase work in addition to many great poets of the past, and present day.

And I know from my experience and time in the poetry and spoken word community people love new work that is thoughtful and trailblazing. Selase's work is beautiful literary content. It's socially conscious, poignant, timely, relevant, spiritually aware and deep.

Poets like Selase are easily recognizable but often elicit such a strong response because well they seem to write from a place of conviction, and knowledge that is rare in today's world. Everyone is talking but few have the depth of Selase's work. I personally loved the work of James Baldwin, Tupac Shakur, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Ryszard Kapuściński, and Eldridge Cleaver. If you enjoy or appreciate any of the above poets' work you are sure to find great gratification in his poetry books.

Additionally you will find a beautiful fusion of poetry book and non-fiction literrary book about my travels to the slave coast. This is a book that connects the American experience, with transatalntic slave trade and untold stories I found that are backed up with academic research. Each chapter includes a fusion of literary content and poetry. With the audible version including my personal experience, literary reasearch, poetry, and origianl piano music. 


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