Political Poem - Poems About Kings

Political Poem About Leadership

Kings Are Made Not Born

Babies are Born… Kings are Made
Innocent blaming
Corrupt system worshipping
Injustice Supporting
Soul lacking
GMO backing

You don't see me
But I see you
stereotype seeking
Racist believing
Biased supporting
Just a mind-controlled zombie

We gone send our dollar
Spend our dollar
Contribute our dollar
To the cause
Don’t Pause
Group Economics
Is the way

You none supporting
Facebook friending
Housewife watchin
Non retweeting
Social Media Victim
Of Self Idolatry
You sleepin
A King is Made not Born

See why you
Black female hating
Back Stabbin
Non support action
You losing
We losing
And they winning

Oh I’m not done
See you sistas
Think you got it figured out
You Rock
Girls Rock
But what about WE rock
Still don’t get it
But what about your son!

So many isms
destabilizing in the form  Multiculturalism 
More prisons instead of baptisms
Rappers on my page gaining knowledge while worshipping paganism
Hate cloaked in liberalism
Feminism more like favoritism
Living in a world of absolutism
Working with Kanye
Riding the wip like 40
Learning from Lamar 
I just KOD you like cole
Oh I got that degree
And what so many value the money
And the Pedigree

We can do it, we did it, we bad
You bad, I’m one bad dude
And so are you

I told you
Kings are Made not Born

By Rafa Selase

© 2010 Damon J. Smith All rights reserved.