Seduction Poem for 2020

The Art of Seduction Poem 

Seducing Poem

Seduce Meaning

The Art of Seduction has been used for ages. Seduction, not to be confused with sex, is the one-sided exchange of desire. Seducer seeks your desire. Seduction is a lopsided equation! These seducing strategies are used all throughout society in business, relationships, and politics to control the hearts, manipulate the minds, and even oppress some. When you look at the etymology of the word "seduction," it actually means to lead away, to lead astray, to divert from one's mission.

Nevertheless, when most people think of seduction they automatically think of a sexual image. While seduction can be a healthy response in a relationship quite often seduction is used to influence the minds of people. This keeps them in an emotional response to everything around them.  I have included a seducing poem that will possibly attract you, maybe entice you but I hope it won't beguile you.

Here is my poem and a short video. 

Sex Poem and The Art of Seduction

Living in a World of Seduction
Often getting in the way of production
Created illusions that become hard to deny
While placing strongholds on the mind

The art of seduction poem is a complex story
About the seducing activities that make you blind
Unable to realize the talents from within
Captivated by the thoughts that keep you tempted

A belief in a mythical course of action
Tired from the constant mental exertion
Miss opportunities pull up the curtain
Seduced by the images no else can see

Seduction is more the sex
Yes, it’s more complex
The ads they give you
Taking the dollars that could serve you

Seducing poem enticing you for destruction
Living in a world of seduction
Lead astray from divine vision
Energy misdirected to a mental prison
Now double minded unable to focus

True relationship
An equal exchange
A powerful engagement
Seduction is an under statement

Lead astray
From morning
To Dawn

Trapped by the strategic "Hocus Pocus"
Free yourself from this mental prison
Dignify yourself with bravery
Free yourself from this mental slavery

The Art of Seduction a Poem By Rafa Selase
Piano "Legacy" By Rafa Selase