A proud native of Vallejo, CA, Rafa Selase has been silently building a career as an innovator. Influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of the Northern California Bay Area, Rafa Selase aspires to speak to people across the globe on all levels of the musical and artistic spectrum.

His first album, Meditation Music, is an improvisational instrumental collection that combines a smooth yet relaxing style. The story of this first release is an independent artist's dream with its debut at #8 on Billboard's New Age Relaxation Music Chart.

In 2017, Rafa Selase published his second release, one of the most powerful albums of the year, "Red Blooded American." Selase is truly an artist who doesn't hesitate to use his poetic talents to address the most difficult topics. From "The Revolution Will be on Facebook," that puts a modern spin on Gil Scott-Heron's classic "The Revolution Will Not be Televised," to the rock infused "Mama, You Never Told Me Part 2," Selase effortlessly blends 60's era protest music with a cutting edge sound. His piano based spoken word single "The Question" is a breath of fresh air and provides an answer to some of the problems we face in today's world.

Selase continues to mix it up, producing relaxation music and performance art with African funk, jazz, latin, blues and R&B/soul to take fans through a journey of mental activism.

Already working on his third album which is another piano instrumental. Selase is full steam ahead!