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Protest Songs Playlist

Listen to good music…the music business has evolved in so many ways. From 8track to cassette tape, CD’s, digital downloads and now streaming. "Songs About Freedom" playlist includes some of music's greatest artists to ever record. Call it political songs, protest songs or songs about freedom!
But the quality of this playlist was strategically put together to give you a powerful synopsis of the impact of music and what music activism is. I decided I was going to give up trying to put together a pop music playlist but rather put together a power packed musical journey for those musical savants. This is music I love and I hope you will too. 

This Spotify playlist includes Lauryn Hill, Hugh Masekela, Marley, Donny Hathaway, Andra Day, Common and more musical prophets. My hope is that this playlist becomes a certified hit playlist, and one that you share with friends, family and your social media community. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Spotify fear not...Spotify is an affordable streaming service that provides unlimited premium streaming. 
Protest song is music that is linked with a movement for political, social, economic or judicial change and  part of the larger group of songs related to current events. It can be blues, rock, folk, classical, or any genre.


Among social movements that have been connected with songs are the human rights movement, women's equality, the jobs strike, 1960s civil rights movement , the Vietnam peace movement and 1960s,  the sexual revolution, global warming, GMO, gun control, and environmentalism.

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Powerful Songs About Freedom Playlist