Music Videos - Edutainment Videos

Music edutainment is media designed to educate through entertainment. Or entertainment with a little education! I enjoy using a different approach to music videos…In todays world of entertainment if can become harder and harder to gain the interest of people. With so many social media platforms; companies are finding it more complex to establish relationships with the customer. And musicians and artists are going to more extremes to gain the attention of people. Nakedness no longer works…well maybe for 5 seconds because well; there is another naked body to look at. 

So for me, I just decided I will provide content that has a message. Education is timeless!  I want to entertain while also providing an opportunity for discussion and thought. Typically content focused on teaching has little entertainment value.  So I am not necessarily focused on teaching but rather thinking. Edutainment has been a strategy businesses corporations, governments, and entertainment entities to influence and disseminate information to the masses. Think about how movies and TV shows have influenced our culture, to point we do not think for ourselves.

Critical thinking seems to be decreasing and bad problem-solving skills is a direct result of our inability to think on multiple levels. We have a hard time showing compassion, understanding, emphasizing, engaging and building bridges with anyone that does not hold our same beliefs. As a matter of fact if is becoming quite problematic in America. So how do we solve this problem?

One method is improving our perspective, giving people different point of views though edutainment. Rather than engaging in psychological warfare debating games. We can grow our understanding through the influence of art, music, poetry and music videos. I must note I am not saying my videos or music is the end all be all. But more so a perspective that opens the door for more discussion, more bridges being built rather than more problems created due to lack of understanding based on one’s limited perspective.

Jazz music and art is freedom to be, to create, to express everything that we see and experience. Visit Rafa Selase as he shares his art. Albert Einstein said, "It It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."