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Rafa Selase music is a jambalaya of acid jazz, alternative hip hop, funk, folk, poetry, rock and jazz rap. Acid jazz is a musical genre that combines segments of soul, jazz, funk, and disco. Acid jazz began in the UK London party and club atmosphere of the 80s. I can say when I traveled to London in the early 2000s the music there was more progressive than what I was hearing on the radio in the states. For reference one of my favorite alt hip hop bands Digable Planets was a group that had elements of acid jazz.

Alternative hip hop can go all over the place from hard rock to psychedelic funk but the rhythmic and music foundation of acid jazz is how I would categorize Rafa Selase Music. No musician likes to categorize their sound. But for the sake of being found and giving listeners a reasonable amount of information to start we all need to do it at some point. The funny thing is several groups, artists and musicians that were classified or defined as acid jazz are now being defined as  jazz-funk, jazz poetry, neo soul, or jazz rap. It’s just music!

What I can say is all piano and lyrics are written by  yours truly and usually all songs start from that foundation of piano and poetry. Its a form of prayer and worship.

Lastly, I am attempting to grow my Spotify page and playlist following so if you have a Spotify account please follow me at Rafa Selase and save my music. I have also included most of the major streaming and downloading services along with Soundcloud to help you in finding my music and other artist you enjoy. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the video page as well. 



P.S. If you are like songs about freedom...checkout this Spotify playlist!

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